WELCOME  to the Coastal Haiti Mission (CHM) website.  Our mission is new, founded in February of 2009, but those at its helm are not “novices” when it comes to mission work in the country of  Haiti.

After many years of working with North Haiti Mission in northern Haiti, three of its founders banned together to form Coastal Haiti Mission to maintain a foster care program for homeless children in a section of northern Haiti, and to advance a lighting program to light up Haitian homes.

The lighting program provides solar-powered lighting systems and devices such as free solar flashlights.

A Christian organization, we are not linked to any one particular church or denomination.  We base our ministry in Haiti on the Word of God, highlighting the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are devoted to ministering in His love promoting medical care and feeding programs, as we can, along with other comforts to alleviate some of the every-day deprivation and suffering among the people He has sent us to.

At this time CHM is raising money for those in other missions with whom we are familiar who are impacting the ground zero earthquake area in Port-au-Prince in southern Haiti, with their on-the-scene help and compassionate caring.

We invite you to go deeper into our website by using the above tabs to guide you.  There you will learn more about our foster care and lighting programs, as well as more about us, its founders.


Clint Goddard

Connie Goddard

Ken Johansson